Dat Xanh Group (DXG): 9-month profit is estimated at VND 901 billion, fulfilling 75% of the year target.

Thứ sáu, 27/12/2019

Dat Xanh Group (DXG) has just released a rough estimate of its business situation in the third quarter of 2019 with revenue of 1,911 billion dong that increasing up 48% over the same period. It is equivalent to consolidated profit after tax of 345 billion which increasing up 8%.

Đất Xanh Group (DXG): Lãi 9 tháng ước đạt 901 tỷ đồng, thực hiện 75% chỉ tiêu năm

Dat Xanh Mien Trung head office is in Da Nang - Member company of Dat Xanh Group

For accumulation of the first 9 months, the company's revenue was 4,252 billion dong increased up by 31% and the corresponding net profit is 901 billion dong increased up by 20% over the same period of 2018. Dat Xanh has achieved 75% of its targets in 2019 compared with the plan of profit of VND 1,200 billion in the first three quarters of the year. 

According to the Group, the core business segments in the period generally has positive changes with more than 15,000 distributed products.Remarkably, the market share brokerage of Dat Xanh has reached the 30% milestone.

On the other hand, through 92ha of winning auction with a value of 3,060 billion VND in Long Thanh - Dong Nai area, Dat Xanh raises the total existing land fund to 415 ha that is equivalent to nearly 3 million m2 of trade items. The company said it will plan exploitation in the next 3-5 years. According to recent information, Dat Xanh has just completed a public offering of stocks of more than 170.4 million shares in which the stock has been sold to the current shareholder of more than 87.4 million shares, dividend payment of nearly 77 million units and ESOP accounts for the remaining 6 million shares.

As a result, the company successfully distributed 170 million shares that accounting for 99.73% of the total offering and total net revenue of over VND 874 billion.