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Not stopping at a conventional commercial townhouse concept, Regal La Maison Premium is featured by a philosophy of sustainable development about a prosperous and luxuriant residence. Positioned as Shophouse Regal - a premium product of Dat Xanh Mien Trung, Regal La Maison will be the first international 5-star luxury townhouse in Vietnam. With the mission of bringing a top living space, Regal La Maison Premium is a brilliant rose blazing desire for a perfect life on the beautiful Tuy Hoa beach.

Project's name: East Hung Vuong Residential Area, Tuy Hoa City and Phu Yen.

Trade name: Regal La Maison Premium

Investor: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Joint Stock Company

Location: Hung Vuong Boulevard, Ward 9 - Binh Kien Commune - Tuy Hoa City - Phu Yen.

Type of product: High-end 5-storey shophouse with 4.1 ha elevator design.

Scale: 4,1 ha

Investment capital: VND 1,000 billion

Distribution unit: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Joint Stock Company and the system of associates

Operating and exploiting unit: Smart Property


Project location

Located at the front of Hung Vuong Boulevard - the center of Tuy Hoa City, where has a cool and fresh climate year-round, Regal La Maison Premium owns a "golden" position with the focal point connecting a series of adjacent utilities. With the advanced infrastructure system perfectly connected within a radius of 1km, the project can easily connect all key project clusters of the city. Regal La Maison Premium deserves to be a place to "settle down" and “tried before you trust” by many elite investors.

In the East: it’s bordered by Nguyen Van Huyen street, 16m wide, Tuy Hoa beach

In the West: The front of Hung Vuong street, 42m wide

In the South: it’s border to An Duong Vuong street, 25m wide

In the North: it’s borer to Tran Nhan Tong street, 25m wide, existing residential area.

Shophouse La Maison Premium

Regal La Maison Premium project location on Google Maps


Master Plan Dự án La Maison

Master Plan Regal La Maison Premium Project (Download the full version here)



Solar park

Mini mart - Restaurant.

Solar parking lot. 




System of restaurants, hotels, homestays along Hung Vuong street.

The 5 star coastal resort along Tuy Hoa beach

Phu Yen General Hospital, Traditional Medicine Hospital

Phu Yen Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Department of Education and Training, Department of Transport, Department of Industry and Trade, press center, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Phu Yen Center for Children and Teenager

Central Park

Duy Tan High School, Banking Academy, Luong Van Chanh High School for the Gifted, Phu Yen University, Central Construction University, Phu Yen Vocational College

Banking system: Vietinbank, BIDV, Vietcombank,...



Luxurious shophouse built and handed over with full exterior in the front of Hung Vuong street

Land area: 7m × 22m = 154m2.

Floor area: 530 m2

Building design: Each shophouse consists of 5 floors in the international standard five-star neoclassical architecture with all materials imported from Europe. 

The entire main façade is titled by Marble tiles.

Stone paint for the back of the house.

Central Light Management Technology: Soraa USA.

Anode alloy and glass coating system with a 20-year warranty.

Low-E 2-layer aluminum and glass coating system.

Kohler / Legrand sanitary equipment imported from France.

(Download Table of materials for completion of Shophouse La Maison Premium).


Shophouse Regal La Maison Premium is being implemented by Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group and is expected to be handed over by the end of Quater 1 / 2020.

Update project progress in September 2019