La Maison Premium launches the first 5-star boutique hotel subdivision in Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen

Thứ năm, 26/09/2019

Tourism and leisure combination with entertainment has become a trend in many countries recently. Previously, tourism mainly focused on visiting famous landscapes and learning about local culture, nowadays customers want to experience more advanced facilities and entertainment services.

La Maison Premium ra mắt phân khu boutique hotel 5 sao chuẩn quốc tế đầu tiên tại Tuy Hòa – Phú Yên

About more than 10 years ago, visitors only needed to stay in facilities with normal quality, full of living utilities at reasonable prices, but  the recent 5 years, customers have requested higher  of service quality, accommodation that  must meet the demand for relaxation and must be fully furnished as a 5-star hotel.

Currently and in the coming time, with the rapid increase of the golden generation, customers need to have "unique" something to catch up with the world trend. In other words, you have to "eat well and experience high -class".

La Maison Boutique Hotel - A place to bring life to an international standard

Each year, the demand for products is increasing. High-end real estate products are not only basic utilities but also it should keep up with the trend while be luxuriou and meet all entertainment needs of residents. Therefore, the Boutique Hotel La Maison Premium is a project that expected to bring tourists  the emotional holiday with  the  unique experience.

La Maison Boutique Hotel clearly depicts the brand philosophy of Dat Xanh Mien Trung that always focusing on building works according to international standards. The investor has also aggressively selected interior materials and equipment of famous brands in the world to complete inside and outside of the building.

La Maison Premium ra mắt phân khu boutique hotel 5 sao chuẩn quốc tế đầu tiên tại Tuy Hòa – Phú YênThe layout design with high-class furniture creates a masterpiece of luxury art

The project's exquisite and luxurious highlight is the use of imported Marble Travertine from Italy to cover the entire exterior of the building, provide certainty and strong impression to anyone who visits. The glass door system is also selected with 24k gold-plated two-layer glass, the outer surface of soft-coated Low-E glass- two layers to help balance the amount of heat, distribute the light evenly throughout the building, bring aesthetics and energy saving, ground doors and balustrades are also selected cast aluminum art according to the royal style.

In particular, La Maison Boutique Hotel applies the wireless energy technology system according to the Korean Hyatt standard  provided  by LG Electronics and combined with unique interior details. In addition, the layout design with warm neutral colors helps to create the luxurious artistic masterpiece that giving residents moments to enjoy true life with high-class amenities like a luxury resort with international standard.

This is a business plan of outstanding profitability.

Currently, the number of foreign immigrants and the upper class is increasing rapidly. Demand for both leisure and business is also growing strongly in the high-end segment. In addition to the new supplying of quality and diverse designs that  suitable for many customers with leisure and business needs, the demand is also motivated by the trend of modern housing, many amenities off life, and stable rental income.

Unique living space, superior utilities and potential profitability in the future will be the decisive factor for customers to invest in products.

With the advantage of being located at the golden front of Hung Vuong Boulevard, La Maison Boutique Hotel is easily accessible to a large number of tourists and local people. In the near future, when the La Maison Premium project comes into operation, the large amount of visitors will be bustling to experience, enjoy, shop and entertain in the restaurants and shops in this area that create new, exciting and attractive "rymth". This is also an important "piece" of the resort complex combined with high-end entertainment in this busy commercial street.

La Maison Premium ra mắt phân khu boutique hotel 5 sao chuẩn quốc tế đầu tiên tại Tuy Hòa – Phú YênBoutique Hotel with the advantage of floor space and utility

The prosperity and bustle of the increasing visitors  lines will open up golden opportunities for La Maison Boutique Hotel - the larger and better-rated boutique hotel. Because the boutique hotel with the advantage of the total floor area up to 1128.6m2, five- floor  high  with  elevator, will solve the area  limitations of the usual boutique hotel  and easily maximize its performance. when using.

Most importantly, this product line is a pioneer project for accommodation of international five-star standard in Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen. On the journey of  transforming into the most attractive tourist city in Central Vietnam,  Phu Yen is gradually creating a  dynamic,  powerful vitality source. La Maison Boutique Hotel will contribute to increase the attraction of the destination, enhance  the length of staying and spending of visitors.

Dat Xanh Mien Trung