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The Shophouse Lumina Lakeside Infinity sub-region within the Lakeside Palace project - which is known as the lake palace, with a total area of more than 46 hectares planned with the concept of "green - smart - multi-utility" combined with technology to create the first high-class urban area according to smart city standard in Danang. Lumina Lakeside Infinity has a diverse and high-end utility system using clean energy to create an ecological environment for the whole project such as: a series of 6 internal parks of 3000m2 wide, eco-lake, parking lot, lakeside walkways, eco-channel, 24/24 security booth, BRT Danang bus stop and schools at all levels.
Type of product: Luxury shophouse
Number of products: 94 units
Investor: Saigon Danang Investment Joint Stock Company
Investment cooperation: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Joint Stock Company
Total investment: 465 billion dong
Lakeside Infinity

Perspective of busy commercial street in Northwest - Da Nang areaMaster Plan dự án Lakeside Infinity

Master Plan of Lumina Lakeside Infinity Project (Download the full version here)


Project location

Lumina Lakeside Infinity project is located in an important and strategic position of the region, providing easy access to leading tourist and service destinations in Central Vietnam: taking 3 minutes to come to the inter-level education system, University of Education, University of Science and Technology; 7 minutes to the administrative center of Lien Chieu district, General Hospital; 15 minutes to international airport, Dragon bridge, Han river; 30 minutes to Hoi An Ancient Town; 3 minutes to Xuan Thieu beach.

In the East: it’s borderd by existing residential area, Bau Tram eco-lake

In the West: it’s bordered by Golden Hill Urban Area

In the South: it’s borderd by existing residential area

In the North: it’s bordered by Nguyen Luong Bang street, Xuan Thieu beach.

Lakeside Infinity




Lakeside Infinity project location on Google Maps


The Lumina Lakeside Infinity shophouse is designed in neoclassical architecture style with luxurious tile roof, the entire exterior is tiled with imported Marble Traventine stone, creating an image of magnificent European urban in the heart of the Northwest Danang. External door system will be used high-end Quan Dat aluminum system, with Cmech accessories imported from the US, double layer insulating glass combined with durable 304 stainless steel frame skylight. In addition, Lumina Lakeside Infinity also integrates a full range of utilities such as lighting systems, security systems and electronic appliances, which help customers easily control all devices in the house through the control panel or Smartphone from anywhere.


Lumina Lakeside Infinity provides customers a green world to the west of Danang City. Choosing to live in Lakeside Infinity, residents will be immersed in a green and fresh space with a 3,000m2 internal park, eco lake, Linear Park, 24/24 security booth, BRT Da Nang bus stop, lakeside walkway, schools of all levels, Lakeside Plaza, internal roads, parking lots, surrounding eco-canals.

Lakeside Infinity

The internal facilities are invested according to international standards

Lakeside Infinity

A beautiful eco-lake stretches 61ha

Lakeside Infinity




Time for completion: Quarter IV. 2018 - Quarter II. 2019

Update progress of Lakeside Infinity project in July 2019