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Phu Yen – There are many potentials in housing prices

Phu Yen owns outstanding sea tourism resources which is highly potential for development. Infrastructure has also made spectacular growth recently, opening a door for development for the real estate market here.

The reason why Danang real estate has not taken full advantage of the market

According to DKRA Vietnam, in June, the price of land plots and townhouses on the Danang primary market showed signs of cooling down.

Coastal real estate investment has been strongest for this 10 years

According to DKRV, 2019 witnessed the wave of the riches rushing to develop an unprecedented large-scale project on Vietnam's coastal province.

Luxury real estate will be the target of customers in the next 10 years

(Construction) - About 10 or 20 years ago, along with the impressive increase of the upper class, a series of luxury brands from watches, cars, fashion, jewelry, furniture, food ... started to penetrate into Vietnam market. With the real estate industry, the big men from Japan, Korea, Singapore, the United States and China jointly enter into a joint venture and develop suitable real estate models and international standards according to domestic investment.

Trends of Real Estate investment 2019: Coastal shophouse occupies a unique position

(Construction) - Considered to be an attractive real estate segment due to its high profitability, the current supply of shophouse has not met the demand of investors. Especially, the type of coastal shophouse in the Central region invested under 5-star standards is even more scarce because there are not many investors bravely deploying it.

Coastal real estate has capacity to develop.

In the mid-May, a Talkshow (seminar) took place in Da Nang coastal city on the potential of coastal real estate development in Vietnam with the theme "Hundred rivers flowing to one sea" with the participation of experts in the field of real estate. On the sidelines of the seminar, journalist of Da Nang Police Newspaper interviewed Prof. Dr. Dang Hung Vo - Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

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