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Based on the inspiration of recreating world wonders and the desire to create works of international standards, raising the needs of Vietnamese people in the direction of balancing with world standards, Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group develops Regal One World Regency, with luxurious highlights different from imported materials and high-end equipment, is synchronized with a series of high-class facilities to bring a relaxed and fresh living experience like a 5-star resort in the world.

Trade name: Regal One World Regency

Investor​: Dat Quang Group

Project Developer: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group

Location: Dien Nam new urban area, Dien Ngoc ward, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province

Scale​: 20 ha

Total investment capital: VND 3,500 billion

Product Line: Villa - land parcels division.

Distribution unit: Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group and the system of member companies.

Regal One World Regency

Perspective of Regal One World Regency Project

Regal One World Regency - Timeless Wonder


Project location

Prominent by the diamond position, it is the bustling center of the most entertainment and resort area in Quang Nam - Da Nang. Possessing a façade of Co Co River and an ecological lake & canals along the inner area, Regal One World Regency not only helps residents enjoy the "scent" of nature, but also joining the busy and vibrant life with a sense of an upmarket and class town.


5 star beach resort

Tan Tra Beach (3 minutes)

Marble Mountains (5 minutes)

Hoi An Ancient Town (10 minutes)

Asia Park (10 minutes)

Hoi An Cultural Park (15 minutes)

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An (20 minutes)



BRG Golf Danang, Montgomerie Links, Beach, Cocobay (2 minutes)

Phan Chau Trinh University (2 minutes)

Blush Beach Club Hoi An (3 minutes)

Danang University Village (3 minutes)

Quang Nam University of Internal Affairs, Quang Nam Campus (5 minutes)

Ngu Hanh Son District Health Center (10 minutes)

Danang city center, Danang International Airport (15 minutes)

One World


Location of Regal One World Regency project on Google Maps


Being planned on the basis of the idea of converging the wonders of 5 continents architecture, Regal One World Regency with outstanding architectural highlights of American, British, Italian, Vietnamese, French ... cultures and utility systems is constructed by Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group with a lot of enthusiasm, from the system of restaurants, commercial centers, Spas, Clubs, fitness parks ... will help residents here feel they are enjoying at the European countries.


Central park, sport park.

Shopping mall

Tennis course

Spa – Club

Restaurant - Café




BRG Golf Danang, Montgomerie Links, Cocobay Golf.

Beaches 5 star resort, Beach.



Regal One world Regency is a living environment according to international standards for Vietnamese people when skillfully reproducing the beauty and lavish characteristics of Mediterranean architectural style combined with architecture combined with Western architecture and natural landscapes to create a glamorous and especially delicate life for the residents.

American-style Mansion - Libertas

Features of the US-style garden villas named Libertas - Named after the Latin of Liberty is the architectural liberty. As a country where immigrants make up the majority, American culture values freedom and equality, every individual from all walks of life, all skin colors has the opportunity to develop themselves. Therefore, the architectural style of American Villa also emphasizes the freedom, emphasizing the cozy feeling, the minimalism in the design and decoration style. Opposite to the front is a bustling street that brings the breath of the era as a bustling urban area in Philadelphia, behind the house with the skill of interwoven green details in the garden, walkway, living room, desk, even a bathroom so that homeowners can enjoy a resort space right at home.

Launched: September, 2019


English-style Mansion - Regal

The British mansion, named Regal, is a British royal palace located in London, over 300 years old. In the United Kingdom, the term "Victorian style" appeared in the mid-19th century. Modern Victorian style is often applied by people of social status to their living space to express the class of homeowners. The architects of the Dat Xanh Mien Trung Group have skillfully combined the features of the Victorian classical buildings with the uniqueness of American minimalist style, to create complete design of aesthetics and superior in quality. The most common material of Victorian style - terracotta tiles are used to wall the villa, making the villa majestic and ancient beauty of England.

Launched: 11.2019


Italian-style Mansion - Ciao

Italian Villas named Ciao - sketched after a famous city known as the "marvelous city on the water", with the shimmering, fanciful beauty of the rows of houses with the architectural elite essence. Renaissance raced along winding rivers. The Mediterranean design style makes Villa Venice beautiful, full of life with many impressive angles but harmonious to each line, small details. The color is monochrome with cream or white tones, gently and subtly. The wind brings salty sea salt blowing through the colorful garden of flowers and trees, entering the large and luxurious doors facing the garden, pulling people in harmony with nature.

Launched: December 2019


Time of completion: 2019 - 2020